Sign of the Times

Today I noticed this sign on my morning walk. I had never noticed it before, and I walk the same route daily.

Rarely do we look for signs (other than street names telling us where we are). But 2017 started with some very ominous signs: A threat to gut the House Ethics Committee, which was then immediately reversed after a Trump tweet; Trump disregarding Intelligence (yes, I said that).He has brushed aside reports on Russian hacking and our election, and has been cozying up to Julian Assange, Dr. Evil of Wikileaks. Sure, it’s more of the same–only moreso .

The vitriol and lack of decency– much less, common decency– is standard.  Hey grownups: Forget Simon Sinek’s explanation of what’s wrong with Millenials. Adults seem to have lost their way (and many seem to have lost their minds). It’s the grownups who need more discipline and direction.

I can disagree and prefer a different path without being discourteous in public.  I can also share the path with those approaching from the opposite direction. But, I am also acutely aware of those who disregard decency (and Intelligence). I don’t believe that that path leads toward anything but a dead end.

Take heed of the signs. There is much positive work to be done. And please be courteous–share the path!




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