A Thousand Points of Light

“A Thousand Points of Light” will always be associated with President George HW Bush, and maybe more-so today, the day of his funeral. At the time he coined the phrase, I thought it was hokey, and I thought the initiative was one that was an attempt to absolve government from doing some difficult things. But, in retrospect, and especially compared to this current administration, “A Thousand Points of Light” seems quaint.

I have been thinking of “A Thousand Points of Light” not only because of Bush 41’s funeral, but because on the eve of this funeral day, Bob Mueller’s eagerly anticipated memo regarding Michael Flynn’s sentencing was released, and I believe it contained a thousand points of light, despite all the blacked out redacted parts.

The immediate reaction to the memo included the commentary about how much was blacked out; that little was left to read. Upon further examination though, it became  clear that Flynn’s cooperation with the U.S. government was extensive and illuminating (even if we are not yet privy to that information). 

In this season of festivals of light and giving, so important to warm and brighten the cold dark days of winter, we are reminded of “A Thousand Points of Light” in a nearly perfect synchronicity of remembrance and anticipation. 

Isn’t that what December is? 

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