T Leaves

I’m not in the prognostication business, but Mr T will eventually leave office. We must insist that he leaves ASAP.  Each and every day for the last 3 years, he has demonstrated his ignorance, incompetence, cruelty, boorishness, lawlessness, well….you know. I don’t need to provide a catalog description. 

Doing what one can is easily perverted into getting away with whatever is possible, rather than an aspiration to achieve with honor and dignity. Giving aid and comfort to those who will do whatever possible in the service of rigging is shameless and shameful. It always causes strain to Democracy, and has real life repercussions. This has surely been a pattern within American politics, but it has reached an unprecedented and dangerous level with this T strainer. 

I don’t believe we get what we deserve. I don’t believe anyone deserves to be living in a dictatorship or a dysfunctional Democracy. We deserve to see justice served. We deserve to have Mr T and his entire team held to account. Then we deserve to see that the T leaves. 

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