Lots and lots going on this week

suggesting who we are

and what we seek

and whether these moments

are indeed unique.


Bohener’s gift to the GOP

was a powerful speech

by PM Bibi.

Then another gift,

courtesy of Hilary.


Homeland Security is secure

at least until September.

The month when we feel most unsure

if we’ve endured the worst

or must prepare for more (war?).


It seems as though we most desire

basic heroes and villains,

whose masks hide the quagmire

we find ourselves in,

when we neglect what we truly require.


Lots of stories, and the story of lots

This week, the whole megillah.

Heroes and villains and twists of plots

Is Iran still Persia?

My stomach’s in knots.


As the season of Carnival gives way to Lent,

regardless of one’s tradition,

perhaps we’ll find that in the present

we can draw lots

of new possibilities with a shift of intent.

2 thoughts on “Lots

  1. I’m happy the media has a reason to move on from the llama escape and “what color is this dress?” that made the headlines for two days. I guess that’s better than hearing about Kim Kardashion, but it was too close. NOW Kim Kardashion on a llama wearing that dress might be worth the two day news cycle.

    Enjoyed the post 🙂


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