Convenience Stores

Wait…What??? Hillary took to the world stage yesterday to tell us that while on the world stage as Secretary of State, she found it more convenient to store her emails on a private server at her Chappaqua home, than having 2 email accounts on one device.

Her well crafted explanation, which included everything people would like to like about her–her work on behalf of women, her being a mother (of the bride), a loving daughter, a yogi–as well as a fierce comment calling out the 47 senators whose chutzpah is far beyond Clintonian as they penned an open letter to Iran, openly undermining our President and arduous diplomatic efforts–did not excuse (or even really explain) why she opted for convenience and waited to respond to revelations about her emails. All this waiting when it was really just a matter of convenience?

Even if there’s no there there, we know what’s in store with Hillary. She assumes that we get how virtuous she is, but her actions (and inactions) call her virtuosity into question time and time again. How inconvenient for her that questions about where and why she stored her emails the way she did as Secretary of State are cropping up now as she is about to announce her candidacy for the presidency.

Even if she broke no laws, and put forth the same quantity of emails as other Secretaries of State and other candidates, her silence until yesterday was deafening. The “he did it too” argument is ridiculous. Her talents are consistently undermined by these sorts of choices, even if they are legal. Those who were hoping that her strengths would manifest not only in winning the Presidency, but in good governance, fear that the Presidency is lost without her, and they justify her choices. It’s too scary to think that it’s more than inconvenient for a Hillary presidency to blow up before she officially runs.

Sorry for the inconvenience, Hillary. But maybe we need someone else to mind the store.

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