Who Knew?

Who knew “that healthcare could be so complicated”?

Who knew that deportation edicts could cause chaos and inspire hate?

Who knew that experience matters?

Who knew that respect is useful?

Who knew that disrespectful words and actions could yield hateful words and actions, and threatening and criminal behavior?

Who knew that racism was institutional?

Who knew that misogyny is alive and well?

Who knew that ultra-nationalism and xenophobia would resurface?

Who knew that anti-semitism didn’t die with Hitler?

Who knew that one’s personal gender definition and sexual preference would threaten others?

Who knew that differences could strengthen us and elevate us?

Who knew that hate always lurks under the surface?

Who knew that the press is the enemy?

Who knew that public radio, television, schools, and bathrooms are threatening?

Who knew that National Parks are unAmerican and a waste?

Who knew that Climate Change is real?

Who knew that alternative facts were made up?

Who knew that facts are facts, and that they matter?

Who knew that wars were always won?

Who knew that friends and family loyalty would be a potential problem for governing the USA?

Who knew that Republicans would turn a blind eye to Russian interference in our election?

Who knew that business deals can be a conflict of interest with politics?

Who knew that Democrats could be so ineffective and uninspiring?

Who knew that the term “working class” often refers to white people?

Who knew that teachers matter?

Who knew that the arts are essential to education and humanity?

Who knew that the sciences are essential to education and humanity?

Who knew that health is a right, and an essential part of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

Who knew that infrastructure would be so expensive?

Who knew that American-made would be costly?

Who knew that anyone, and any family in any and every community in the US can be afflicted by drugs and addiction?

Who knew that “The American Dream” was always a dream without consistent effort and reinforcement?

Who knew that cultural divisions would drive politics and governance?

Who knew that Democracy requires education, access, vigilance, tolerance, honesty, equality, and balance of power?

Who knew that a white billionaire developer’s hiding his tax returns before becoming POTUS would not be questioned, but a black senator’s birth certificate would be demanded after he became POTUS?

Who knew that W’s words would be welcome now?

Who knew that Moonlight was the best picture, not La La Land?

Who knew that not normal is normal?

Who knew? It’s simple: it’s complicated.

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