Reality Winner

Drip drip drip..… Leaking sludge..… Quietly exposing naked truth….. Releasing the fluid nature of hidden conflicts, shady relationships, questionable connections, while trustworthy historical international alliances, treaties, and accords are disparaged.

Trickle down economics doesn’t work, but trickling droplets of actual occurrences, conversations, meetings, statements, and other pesky facts, are puddling and flooding airwaves, bandwidth, eyes and ears.

Each daily shocking revelation is really no surprise; just a bit more proof of what so many suspect and are eager to lay bare. What seems so obvious must still be uncloaked, and we have procedures and laws which must be followed.

It has become difficult to sustain patience in the era of the tweet; just ask POTUS Trump. But reality will trump Trump.

Reality Winner, the prescient name of the first leaker of the Trump presidency to be arrested, exposed a top-secret intelligence report detailing Russian meddling in the American election from within a national security complex and sent it to The Intercept. But consider that this 25 year old woman is but one of over a million people with top secret clearance who have access to government secrets due to the post 9/11 expansion of security agencies.

Reality Winner is facing a difficult road ahead after her arrest. Yet, Reality Winner may just be the meta name of this era—not Trump.

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