“…they cling to guns or religion…”


“…basket of deplorables…”




It’s easy to identify the speakers of the volcanic verbiage that erupted after terrible frustration, expressing antipathy and disdain. It’s really not ok to publicly disparage (or get caught deriding others, or one’s boss).

We’ve all had oops moments, but we aren’t Presidential candidates or Secretaries of State. Still, everyone is subject to one’s own reptilian brain.

The reptilian brain is the part of the brain that controls involuntary functions. It’s in charge of our survival. It directs our heartbeat, organ function,and breathing. It is responsible for sexual behaviors and our fight or flight responses. Our responses to danger or fear stem from our reptilian brain. Our anger or other emotions and actions that take over in response to a perceived threat are automatic. We don’t even think about it. The reptilian brain runs the non-thinking, automatic, involuntary functions for survival.

But clearly the reptilian brain is insufficient beyond survival instincts. Thinking and thoughtfulness advances us. The reptilian brain governs without thought. Of course, if we were having to think about each heartbeat and physiological response, we wouldn’t be able to consider anything else. And, sexual behavior and responses to danger are necessary in some measure to ensure the continuation of life.

It’s hard not to feel like we are in the Land of the Lost. “Land of the Lost” was a tv series in the mid 1970s about a family thrown back in time as they attempt to survive among the dinosaurs. In our own Land of the Lost, we see governance by fear. We feel terrified of our government, our neighbors, our technology, and all others—those who don’t fit into our images of what is right or good. Of course there are more good among us than those who get attention, but I know there are many people who feel as I do: that we are lost, and if not becoming dinosaurs ourselves, we are certainly living among them, and our reptilian brains are taking over.

That sounds rather alarmist, doesn’t it? Perhaps I am being too dramatic, but aside from my exhaustion and grief from constant verbal warfare, and intense hurricanes, and unspeakable violence and hatred, even against quiet protest, I am astounded daily by the lumbering leaders, proving themselves to be like dinosaurs— especially the lumbering leader in chief.

Somehow, this POTUS whose reptilian brain informs almost every response, seems to get away with reprehensible speech and behavior, and at the very least, incompetence. I was utterly astonished yesterday that the one known for “you’re fired”, didn’t fire Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State, after Tillerson evaded (but did not deny) the report that he called his boss a “moron”. Perhaps the POTUS isn’t phased by such a reptilian faux pas. I mean we all slip, right? And who speaks and acts from the gut without thinking more than the POTUS?

Even more astonishing to me though, was Rex Tillerson’s obsequiousness during his press briefing. Couldn’t he survive without this position? His instinct is to work for a man he thinks is a moron? T-Rex went from seeming strength to a big old lumbering….what’s the word?…..dinosaur.

And you know what happened to the dinosaurs. They became extinct when the climate changed.

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