Hurry Up, Bob Mueller!!

Some have selective memories of strength and perfection, only remembering ease or access. 

Some envision perfection as not what exists, but as a part of existence; ignoring and excluding difference, challenges or consequences, or even anything not yet considered.

Some only think in terms of prizes for themselves or their own; not shared success.

Some say “we” but mean it in a singular way—plural “me”.  

But we are unraveling. Everywhere. Everyone.

(Except we haven’t unraveled our gerrymandered districts or gross amounts of money infused into never-ending campaigns. Citizens United is a SCOTUS scourge.)

“We” can’t live with the other agenda. 

And so “we” denounce, seethe, complain, protest, oppose, fulminate, rage.

Manipulation is the skill that defines success.  Merit seems no longer necessary.

This slog is too long and dangerous, but I still have faith in merit and decency, and challenge those who lack. 

Meanwhile, the collateral damage that has Trumped our country, especially the last few years, is becoming too formidable.

Hurry Up, Bob Mueller!!

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